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Stina Nyberg

Stina Nyberg lives in Sweden where she makes and performs choreography. Her choreographic practice is related to the possibility to through conviction and illusion create new systems of logic in order to be able to construct the world differently, and act accordingly. Her departure point is always a feminist approach to the body; its social and political construction and ability to move. Often working in collaboration with others and moving inbetween collaborations with independent work, institutions, art galleries and the music scene, she creates a work method specific to every situation, including how we work into what we work with.
From 2012-2014 Nyberg has been the choreographer of the live concert by the Swedish band The Knife. The show – Shaking the Habitual – is a concert performance for 11 dancers and musicians. Nyberg is also performing in the show which has been touring in Europe and US throughout 2013-2014. Nyberg's latest commission is a work for the Cullberg Ballet titled Tones & Bones (2014). It follows a series of works on the non-hierarchical relation between the performance of sound and movement, such as The Way Sounds Attack (2010), Loudspeaking (2011), Orkestern (2012) and the latest work Splendour (2014) which is touring in 2015. The solo Horrible Mixtures (2014), made in collaboration with Andros Zins-Browne, is a choreographic seance departing from a sceptics interest in spirituality. Through a shared feminist discourse Nyberg have in several years collaborated with the choreographers Amanda Apetrea, Nadja Hjorton, Halla Ólafsdóttir and Zoë Poluch.