Departures and Arrivals



Lisbon, Portugal

With a worldview mindful of diversity and resistant to dominant Eurocentric visions of contemporary artistic creation, Alkantara is dedicated to the development of the performing arts in its local and international contexts. Renamed Alkantara in 2005, the association’s support for new generations of creators and spirit of artistic and cultural dialog are a legacy of Danças na Cidade, its much respected predecessor. The biennial Alkantara festival, first held in 2006, is the most visible of the association’s initiatives -- which also include international meetings, residency programs, national and international co-productions, research and publishing projects, as well as outreach and training activities.  Since 2008, espaço Alkantara in the historic neighborhood of Santos has been the center of Alkantara’s activities. It also collaborates regularly with other national and international partners in order to improve the visibility and production/presentation conditions of the performing arts.