Departures and Arrivals



Toulouse, France

Since its beginning in 1995, the CDC of Toulouse has been involved in numerous missions all of them aimed at promoting all forms of choreographic creativity. Within a few years, the flexible framework of these missions has enabled the CDC to structure its action according to the very specific needs identified on the territory of Toulouse/Midi-Pyrénées. Dance has been more and more present in broadcasting organisations and teaching establishments of Toulouse. This enduring choreographic presence enabled the CDC to be established on a permanent basis. The Toulouse model inspired a new label which concerns for now nine organisations and constitutes a new network – in addition to the CCN network – serving artists and choreographic projects.
Following a long evolution process of dance and culture in France, the CDC responds to more specific needs and corresponds to an awareness of the necessity to cover a larger choreographic culture than the sole aesthetics of a choreographer.
The choreographic culture is present through a Documentation Centre enriched every year, the presentation of projects about history of dance, and the creation and implementation of specific tools aimed at promoting dance. Three instructional kits – “A History of Dance through 10 Dates”, “A History of Contemporary Dance through 10 Titles” and "Around the world through urban dances" – have been created towards pupils and general audiences as well.

Indeed, the world of dance, being animated by an exceptional aesthetic renewal, needs more and more to develop the experience of promotion and education when producing new pieces.
We should always keep in mind that the confrontation with the pieces remains the first and most beautiful way to meet with dance. The CDC Festival creates this meeting in Toulouse and the Midi-Pyrénées region on a regular basis and for an increasing audience – over 15000 spectators every year.

Furthermore, the professional training program “Extensions” – a group of 14 professional dancers studying for two years in Toulouse – and the annual teaching programme have been participating for fifteeen years in the process of generation renewal in the choreographic field of the area. 45 contemporary dance companies are now established in the Midi-Pyrénées region, a third of which being supported by the Ministry of culture (DRAC Midi-Pyrénées).
Lastly, every season the CDC produces and supports new choreographic projects by local, national or international artists who write the history of dance every day. More particularly, the CDC can host them in its new residence building and is the executive producer of several choreographic projects.