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Utrecht, The Netherlands
Performing Arts Festival Utrecht

SPRING Performing Arts Festival in an international performing arts festival based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It is the result of the merger of two old festivals, Springdance and Festival a/d Werf. Both existed for more than 25 years, SPRING was founded in 2013.


SPRING Performing Arts Festival is a leading international platform for new developments in contemporary performing arts (dance, theatre and cross-over) and is actively stimulating growth and development of young promising artists, of theatre and dance as art forms and of their audience.


- To present new developments in the international contemporary performing arts in Utrecht

- To strengthen and develop (inter)national networks, to establish (inter)national co-operations in order to support the development of young artists

- To increase and broaden the public which is interested in contemporary performing arts by strategic initiatives for audience development

- To stimulate theoretical reflection in order to relate current developments in the arts with society


- have developed or are developing their own artistic hand-writing

- are driven by necessity to question the world
- whose work communicates with the public

- reflect on their artistic means in a national and international context

- work with new forms and in the field of crossover
- are young or are taking artistic risks through experiments

SPRING Performing Arts Festival is an annual festival taking place at the end of May in Utrecht. The festival has a strong curatorial handwriting. It presents new developments in the performing arts with a focus on crossover between dance and theatre. The program consists of many different formats: performances (dance, theatre, crossover), interactive performances, walks, talks, workshops, installations and performances in public space and in non-theatre spaces, audio-tours etc.. SPRING presents international work and enriches the Dutch landscape, but it also presents Dutch artists who have the potential to work internationally. SPRING serves as an international platform and meeting-point for Dutch and foreign artists with about 50 programmers visiting the festival every year.
Internationality and contemporariness are the DNA of the festival. The artistic work we present shows this commitment. In the last two years artists from 15 countries were presented through their work, but also in talks and meetings.

SPRING started SPRING Academy, an educational platform for young artists and students. The artists of the festival teach their artistic practice through workshops and lectures in four different tailor-made programs for different participants (via open call or co-operation with University Utrecht and other educational institutions). SPRING works in different European networks, which connects SPRING to more than 20 festivals, theatres and production houses in more than 10 European countries. Partners are a.o. Vooruit Gent, LIFT London, Spielart Munich or Le Maillon Strasbourg. These networks (co)produce and present work all over Europe, but offer also residencies, education and research programs.

SPRING is structurally supported by the city and province of Utrecht, by Fonds Podiumkunsten.