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Serbia, Belgrade

STATION is a bottom-up initiative of the contemporary dance and performing arts community in Serbia, established in 2005. It has been working towards making that community strengthened, structured, and recognized by cultural policy makers, state institutions, cultural operators, educational policy makers, Balkan and European partners and funding bodies, as well as by broader audience.
One of the ultimate goals of STATION is to provide reasonable and professional working conditions to all active parties on the art scene in Serbia and the Balkan Region through programmes for education, professional development, production, promotion, advocacy and cultural policy. Because of that wide range of activities, Station has an extensive network of national and international partners: Nomad Dance Academy, Life Long Burning, Association of Independant Cultural Scene of Serbia, advanced performing arts project and many other individuals and organizations.
Since 2007 STATION operates in the independent cultural center Magacin where we have an office, exhibition space and one small studio.