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Rita Natálio

This short essay was constructed for the new project  "Our Times", by Michiel Vandevelde, one of DNA's Focus Artists. Rita Natálio's text departs from the relationship between thought and politics, in dialogue with the ideia of ending/bending of the world. A booklet will be launched as part of this project.

Paper Machines
Rita Natalio

Veli Lehtovaara is one of the seven Focus Artists of the [DNA] project. “Clandestine sites: Displaced” is Veli Lehtovaara’s new creation with coproduction from DNA partner ZODIAK and support in residence from VOORUIT. We went to Helsinki to see the premiere at Moving In November Festival!

You can’t take it with you - learning to (re)use dance: necessity versus waste
Rita Natálio

Liz Kinoshita is a Canadian artist based in Brussels. After “VOLCANO”, a fresh and frantic experience where self-composed songs and dances inspired from the “musical” genre from the 30’s 40’s and 50’s waved for a universe of velocity, hectic lives and globetrotting lifestyles of today, “You can’t take it with you” proposes a radical counter-experience of reduction: taking out the unnecessary and learn to live with less.

Neanderthal Hipsters, Renaissance Dances and Twitter Age
Rita Natálio

Andros Zins-Browne is an American dancer and choreographer based in Belgium and supported as one of DNA’s Focus Artists since October 2014. His new work, “The middle ages” is a co-production of our partners Vooruit, MDT, HAU and Pact Zollverein and will have its premiere on March 12th and 13th in Ghent (Impossible futures festival, Vooruit). 

After doing three pieces in a row that needed a truck to transport the scenography, Andros Zins-Browne has given himself the challenge to make a piece where this isn’t the case. After all, “clothing is at least a set that we can pack in a suitcase”, he comments with a smile while his cat joins our Skype conversation. This doesn’t mean that the relationship with visual arts is diminished in this project - historically lavish costumes complement the physical work and present us a time travel through movements and history. As the synopsis of the work claims: “The Middle Ages is a performance for five dancers about a time which is inherently 'middle' - ambiguous, fluid, either both-and or neither-nor. Through an (over-the-top) use of costumes and a rigorous investment in movement, the performance attempts to occupy an ambiguous place and time, where historical references overlap and fold over one another”.

“Requiem to materiality”
Rita Natálio

"You Can’t Take It With You” is a requiem to all superfluous things, to all garbage and excess and, as in all death celebrations, it absorbs light and lightness, it deploys the forces of the living. The environment is a mere flux, transitions between movement and lyrics are an attempt to learn to live with less, or maybe to learn to-live-together-with-less.

Mediacracy - on michiel vandevelde
Rita Natálio

Michiel Vandevelde is a DNA Focus Artist based in Brussels. He graduated as a choreographer/dancer at P.A.R.T.S in 2012 and his new creation Antithesis premieres 19 and 20 March in the frame of the Impossible Futures festival and is co-produced by our partner VOORUIT. Antithesis is a proposal that continues the critical practice of Michiel as an artist and researcher, after The Political Party, a project where the core of the work was to collectively create the common ground for a political party to come to existence. While Antithesis presents a powerful deconstruction of technological illiteracy in modern times (and its profound compromise with profit and blind economical growth), we behold our anguish with acceleration and fusional networks of transport and communication.

ARTIST PROFILE: Georgia Vardarou
Rita Natálio

Georgia Vardarou is a Greek artist based in Brussels and a Focus Artist actively supported by DNA for the period of 2014-2016. After graduating from PARTS in 2008, she started to work as a dancer with the choreographer Salva Sanchis (Kunst/Werk) and she danced in several pieces by Sanchis, Marc Vanrunxt, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

Clandestine sites: on Veli Lehtovaara
Rita Natálio

The Clandestine sites: Displaced is Veli Lehtovaara’s new creation with coproduction from DNA partner ZODIAK and support in residence from VOORUIT. The premiere will be in October 2015 in the frame of Moving in November festival, Helsinki. In this project, Lehtovaara invites a group of artists (Chrysa Parkinson, Ville Ahonen, Eleanor Bauer, Mikko Hynninen and Timo Wright) to create a work where performance is considered as an amorous (love) relation, there is, a triangular relation between audience, performer and author from where the performance can emerge.

“A body comes out of the body”
Rita Natalio

a tet about "Brume de Mer", by Elina Pirinem.