Departures and Arrivals



Rita Natalio

Next September 16th, we will have the opportunity to watch “Tutuguri” by French artist Flora Détraz at Festival Materiais Diversos 2016 in Minde (Portugal), a solo committed to the relationship between sound and body supported with residencies by our partners Alkantara and Pact Zollverein. Based in Lisbon, Flora did a first solo about singing inside Forum Dança’s biennial course, specifically about lyrical singers and their way of singing and acting on stage. In this new research, Flora moved her interest to voice as matter, as a tool to build and to represent meaning. In this practice, voice can be a standpoint to perceive the body, as much as the body can be a standpoint to perceive voice.

To walk with “Tutuguri” is to walk with Flora through her Artaudian references like the radiophonic piece “Pour en finir avec le jugement de dieu” (1948) and his writings about Indian shamanistic experiences of peyotl. The central idea of this research is to provoke a dissociation between sound and body, to produce sound without moving the body. Through intensive practice, “Ventriloquism” became a fertile ground to build the sonic scenario of “Tutuguri,” starting from the moment where dribble shows up in the mouth and chaos takes over reasoning.

In Minde, Flora Detraz will presents us a colorful and rich vocal essay using sounds that are present in regular talks but are not a central part of it, sounds from the guts, unrecognizable sounds, baby sounds, animal sounds, repetitions of the words “oui” and “non," etc, a composition where meaning and randomness can sum up and propose a spectral landscape of voices.

Unlike most “clean” and production-oriented dramaturgies, “Tutuguri” aims connectedness, it proposes fluxes of sounds and affects, it sings rhizomatic anthems to no specific leader, and it promotes bridges to nothingness. On Skype, Flora told us how much she appreciated paradoxes and contradictions and that is visible in her performance in this solo, where she is at the same time a center and a medium, a mere interpret of distant vocal sources and a promise for a new realm, a polyphonic soloist fighting a duel against formal and political rules of speech and a hole more than a figure.


Rita Natálio