Departures and Arrivals



o.T [untitled]
Rita Natalio

Ian Kaler studied “Transmedial Art” at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and graduated from the BA Pilotprogramm “Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography” at the Inter-University Center for Dance, the University of the Arts, Berlin. Since 2010 he develops his physical and creative practice in choreographic series in exchange with different artists through different (visual) media. Between 2014 and 2017, he has created the choreographic series "o.T." (german acronym for “untitled”), in direct collaboration with the electronic musical polymath Jam Rostron also know as Planning to rock.

The "o.T."  has been supported by our partner HAU. The third series, “o.T.I (Incipient futures)”, is now being presented at Zodiak/Helsinki (9th, 10th and 11th february).

The spiraled dualism of Marlene Monteiro Freitas
Rita Natálio

In “Bacchae - Prelude to a Purge", music, dance and mystery lead us as funambulists over the wire of intensity, in a combat of appearances and dissimulations, polarized between the fields of Apollo and Dionysius.


The 18th and 19th of May at Spring festival!

A hand\'s turn - the head turns.
Rita Natálio

Lenio Kakleo is a Greek choreographer and dancer who has circulated through diverse contexts related to European contemporary dance. She graduated from the State School of Contemporary Dance in Athens (SSCD), the CNDC in Angers (FAC) and completed the program SPEAP, a master on experimentation in arts and politics directed by Bruno Latour at Sciences Po, Paris. As a performer, she collaborated with Alexandra Bachzetsis, Boris Charmatz, Gerard & Kelly, Claudia Triozzi, François Chaignaud & Cecilia Bengolea, Emmanuelle Huynh, Moser & Schwinger, Fanny de Chaillé, Laure Bonicel and Hela Fattoumi & Eric Lamoureux. Since 2009, she develops her own choreographic projects like Matter of Act (2009), Fluctuat nec Mergitur (2010), Arranged by Date (2012), Deux • L (2013) in collaboration with Lucinda Childs, Margin Release f/f (2015) and Arranged by Date, A Guided Tour (2016). Her work has been presented in institutions and festivals such as the Centre Pompidou, ImpulsTanz, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Documenta 14 Public Programs, Quartz-Scène National de Brest, Latitudes Contemporaines and La Ménagerie de Verre.

This year, with the support of the Athens Festival, she has creates a delicate work - A hand’s turn - conceived as a performance for one or two spectators at a time. In this work, Kaklea investigates the distinctions between “left” and “right” and the functional and symbolic implications of such distinctions in a number of areas, ranging from the field of politics to the human body. After visiting the Athens Festival during our last DNA’s meeting I had a chance to see the work. Here’s my testimony of “A hand’s turn”

A kind of fierce: wings and trampolines

"...arms and hair are perhaps the closest elements to wings and trampolines. Sporadically, we have the feeling of watching a work about elevation - the same that ballet sought in a geometric and tense forms - but subtly expressed here through clouds of movement or clusters of evanescent stamina."

Bára Sigfúsdóttir - a space for negotiation
Rita Natálio

What can we define as humanity or human qualities besides the cultural and social multiplicities that bind us? How can we work with a non-western perspective, considering both the dispute that takes place between Western hegemonic languages and minority standpoints, and the ability to enlarge the concept of species and multi-verse (instead of universe)? Some of these questions cross and challenge Bára Sigfúsdóttir’s work, who had the chance to visit Iran several times. In these travels, the project “Being” took shape, shortly after Vooruit's co-production for “The lover” in 2015. 


Rita Natálio

Radouan Mriziga was born in Marrakesh and is currently based in Brussels. He started taking dance classes in Marrakesh at the age of eighteen. He studied at PARTS from 2008 to 2012 and he has worked with Bart Meuleman/Toneelhuis, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Claire Croize, Simon Tangy, among others.

He is one of DNA's Focus Artists for the next two years (2016-2018).

At Alkantara Festival he presented 55, a solo work that is part of an obsessive trilogy around the power of numbers, architecture and live construction. 


“Requiem to materiality”
Rita Natálio

"You Can’t Take It With You” is a requiem to all superfluous things, to all garbage and excess and, as in all death celebrations, it absorbs light and lightness, it deploys the forces of the living. The environment is a mere flux, transitions between movement and lyrics are an attempt to learn to live with less, or maybe to learn to-live-together-with-less.

Rita Natálio
"being" by Bára Sigfúsdóttir  - "One can say that ”being" is a work of co-presence. Individually, each dance is affected by another, each rhythm resonates in the other. Observation is made with distance. There is no double or couple, but “a doer and a witness”, “a dancer and an accomplice”. Rhythms are produced in the attempt to create a (some) relation."


Dialogue between environments

In Veli Lehtovaara’s new work, “Conversations”, three dancers converse through movement with other forms of nature, their contemporaries, their ancestors, each other, and the audience.  The work was inspired by a text of Martin Heidegger’s written in 1944-45: “A Triadic Conversation on a Country Path between a Scientist, a Scholar and a Guide”, a text where the author reflects about the relation between human beings, nature, and technology.

A voice that aims to turn the throat upside down

TUTUGURI's solo is one of the first pieces by Flora Détraz presented recently at Spring Festival/Utrecht, followed by “MUYTE MAKER", premiered at the Alkantara festival in the 31st May 2018.r”.Here are  some impressions about the 2 works of Flora Détraz.